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As always Derby Worlds has a great range of demonstration and participation games for you to take see, take part in, and enjoy playing.  This year is exceptional with a wide variety of eras on display.

COGS (Chesterfield)

Lost World at D4

Border Reivers

Cross of Iron at Stand A4, American Marine Advance on Seoul

Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers

28mm Ancients Chinese Vs Khmer, Rumble in the Jungle, a Border Incursion

COGS, (Chesterfield)

Frostgrave at D2

KB Club

WW2/Cold War “What if” Scenario, WW2 battle using Flames of War Rules

Leicester Phatt Cats

WW2 Participation Game

Blood and Plunder

KB Club

Sci-Fi event, Army of the Red Spear, 144th Scale SciFi

Like a Stonewall
Wargames Club

Display Game, Battle of Madanu 616BC

Like a Stonewall Wargames Club

Battle of Hastings 1066

Matthew Clarke

Magic Realm

Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club

Discworld Witch Racing - Witches from the Discworld genre racing around a 3D model of the Unseen University

Big Stompy Robots

Control a Battle Superiority Rig- A BSR… or “Big Stompy Robot” for riches and Glory. Hosted by Gav Thorpe

Sons of Simon DeMontfort

Animal Farm, Mexican Revolution in the Mexican Desert at J4

Second Thunder

Open Combat

Stand To Games

Forager 28mm Napoleonic Skirmish Game Set in the Peninsula

The Ilkley Lads

Italian Wars using Warlord's Pike and Shotte rules

The League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers

Back of Beyond 28mm

Yarkshire/ Leeds Wargames Club

Battle of Rutland 1916

Too Fat Lardies

Open Combat

Wings of Glory Aerodrome

Wings of Glory

The War and Conquest Player’s Society

 Dark Ages

The War and Conquest Player’s Society


The Boondock Sayntes

Sharpe Practise- Recreating the “Last of the Mohecans”


Wild West Exodus

Derby Worlds Aeon One

Play the game of Derby Worlds.

Choose from 19 different worlds, play as Rowan, Vikings or Zombies to save the worlds, or as the Casekeeper to defend from attack!

Derby Wargames Society

The Battle of Port Arthur, 1904,

Russo-Japanese war, with 1/600th scale

Period appropriate naval vessels.

Reluctant Conscripts

Team Yankee WW3, The Cold War Turns Hot.

Robe One

Storm Troopers wandering the Convention Grounds!

Baccus 6mm

Demonstration game by Baccus Games

Westbury Wargamers

Gettysburg, 1st Day at A5

Warlord Games

Konflikt ‘47

York shire Renegades

28mm "Battle of Somewherebridge" Saga (Vikings vs Anglo-Danes)

York shire Renegades

"Nazi Zombie" Participation game (mulitplayer game based on the Call of duty computer game)

York shire Renegades

"This is Not a Test" (Post Apoc Skirmish game)