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We are pleased to confirm the following companies sponsor the Derby Worlds Show.  

KR Multicase have been a long term sponsor of the Derby Worlds show and we always enjoy working with them.  They manufacture the largest range of miniature cases and trays and have something for all army sizes and budgets.

KR offer unique over 20,000 custom cut trays for your special models, plus you can order them in any of a dozen different colours - your trays can match your army!

With over 50 case designs, with multiple combinations with that, they cater for all your needs.  From the ubiquitous KR card cases,as well as the Kaiser transport bag system, the Backpack range, plus the aluminium case range, there is always the ideal case and system for you.

KR Multicase - putting figures first

We are pleased to confirm the following companies sponsor the Derby Worlds Tournaments, click on the links to get to their website and see the excellent range of products they provide for miniature wargaming. Click the links in the tournament list below to get to the tournament pages.

Derby Worlds 2017 Tournament Sponsors

Prize Allocation by Tournament

Armati : KR Multicase,

DBMM :KR Multicase, Citadel Six, Magister Militum, Tiny Wargames, Warlord Games

FoG A/M : KR Multicase, Caliver Books, Great Escape Games, Magister Militum, Old Glory UK, and The Treefellas.

Mortem et Gloriam : KR Multicase

WRG 6th : KR Multicase, Ainsty Castings, Citadel Six, Tumbling Dice

WRG 7th : KR Multicase, Citadel Six, Magnetic Displays

FoG R : KR Multicase

BGMR : KR Multicase,

Bolt Action : KR Multicase, Warlord Games

L’Art de la Geurre : KR Multicase,

Impetus : KR Multicase, Bad Squiddo

Saga : KR Multicase, Gripping Beast

Swordpoint : KR Multicase, Gripping Beast

Warmachine : KR Multicase, Privateer Press

Malifaux : KR Multicase, Sarissa Precision, Wryd Miniatures

KR Multicase

Citadel Six

Caliver Books

Warlord Games

Great Escape Games

Tiny Wargames

Magister Militum

The Treefellas

Bad Squiddo

Magnetic Displays

Old Glory UK

Ainsty Castings

Gripping Beast

Privateer Press

Sarissa Precision

Wyrd Miniatures

Mail: thetreefellas@tiscali.co.uk?subject=Enquiry via the Derby Worlds website

If you would like to be one of the Derby Worlds 2017 Sponsors simply get in contact with us and we can arrange it for you.

Email : info@derbyworlds.com

Phone on either 01206-869467 or 0800-6126-430 (regular office hours)

Facebook at @DerbyWorlds

Twitter @DerbyWorlds

www.krmulticase.com                            sales@krmulticase.co.uk                               Tel: 0800-6126-430 or 01206-869467